Teresa Marques

Academic Degree:
Professional Category:
Assistant Professor

Research group: LanCog

I am an assistant professor in the Philosophy Department of the University of Barcelona, and a researcher with the LOGOS Group and the Barcelona Institute of Analytic Philosophy (BIAP). Between 2014 and 2016, I was a Marie Curie Research Fellow with the Law & Philosophy group of the University Pompeu Fabra. I have also held appointments at the Universities of Lisbon, and of Maryland – University College Europe. I’m a member of the Steering Committee of the European Society for Analytic Philosophy (ESAP) from 2014 to 2020. I was the co-editor of the open-access journal Disputatio from 2008 to 2017.


I received my PhD in Philosophy from the Univerity of Stirling. I also studied at the Universities of Lisbon, where I received a BA, and St. Andrews, where I received an M.Litt (in the St. Andrews-Stirling postgraduate programme).


I specialize in philosophy of language, and have interests in metaethics, feminist philosophy, and social and legal philosophy. My work focuses on the nature of conflicts, on the social and political dimension of discourse, on conceptual variability, and the nature of social kinds.


Email contact: teresamatosferreira [@] ub.edu

Personal webpage: http://www.ub.edu/grc_logos/teresa-marques

Selected Publications


2020- Shifting Concepts: The Philosophy and Psychology of Conceptual Variability, Oxford: Oxford University Press. (Edited with Åsa Wikforss). ISBN: 9780198803331

2020- ‘Ameliorations vs. perversions’, in T. Marques and Åsa Wikforss (eds). ShiftingConcepts: The Philosophy and Psychology of Conceptual VariabilityOxford: Oxford University Press.

2020- ‘Really expressive presuppositions and how to block them,’ (with Manuel García-Carpintero), Grazer Philosophische Studien, DOI 10.1163/18756735-09701008

2020- ‘How can philosophy of language help us navigate the political news cycle?’, in Elly Vintiadis (ed.) Philosophy and Women, Today: Perspectives from 16 Philosophers, Routledge. (forthcoming)

2019- ‘The case against semantic relativism’, in Martin Kusch (ed.) The Routledge Handbook of the Philosophy of Relativism, Routledge.

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