HPhil’s mission is to promote research in the field of history of philosophy by complying with the following goals:

(1) Creating conditions for its development;

(2) Raising the number of researchers and their qualification;

(3) Striving for projects of excellence in this area of research.

In order to achieve the mentioned goals, its strategic priorities are:

1st)    Developing tools in Portuguese for research in history of philosophy;

2nd)   Attracting and qualifying young researchers in history of philosophy;

3rd)   Structuring and implementing internationally competitive research projects and programmes in history of philosophy;

4th)    Developing original forefront research to be published in international journals and publishers with peer review, with the aim of developing this area of research.

HPhil develops its activity around the four great eras of Western philosophy – Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Contemporary philosophy –, as well as in the specific area of history of philosophy in Portugal. Some of its members also carry out research on Eastern thought.