Advanced Studies

The Centre of Philosophy is a partner of the Department of Philosophy of the School of Arts and Humanities, this partnership manifests in free programs taught by CFUL members in several areas of philosophy, the organization of scientific events related to the areas studied and in the award of scholarships.


Alongside the Mestrado em Filosofia (Master Degree in Philosophy) and the two PhD programs in Philosophy (Doutoramento em Filosofia and Doutoramento em Ética, Democracia e Desafios Societais), there are a number of advanced programs taught in partnerships with other schools:




The Centre of Philosophy of the University of Lisbon has recently awarded the following  scholarships:


  • 1 BI_Mestrado: Research Scholarship for Master student (12 months, which can be prolonged for a further 12 month period)
  • 2 BII: Research initiation scholarship for Master students (6 months, which can be prolonged for a further 6 month period)
  • 1 BI – Research scholarship in the scope of the Research Project EITNS (Emergence In The Natural Sciences) for a PhD student (12 months, which can be prolonged for a maximum of 36 months)