Tamara Caraus

Academic Degree:
Professional Category:
Principal Investigator

Research Group: Praxis

Tamara Caraus is a Principal Investigator at the Centre of Philosophy, University of Lisbon, within the framework of the Stimulus of Scientific Employment – Individual Support Grant of the Portuguese Agency for Science, Research and Technology (FCT). Previously, Tamara Caraus conducted research projects in political philosophy at New Europe College, Vienna Institut fur die Wissenschaften vom Menschen, Polish Academy of Science, University of Bucharest, Oxford University, University of Uppsala, University of Olomouc, University of Groningen, University of Rijeka, and other institutions. She contributed with articles to various academic journals and edited volumes, published six books and co-edited five volumes. Her current area of research includes continental political philosophy, Marx and Critical Theory, and she welcomes MA and PhD students working on these topics.


E-mail: tcaraus@letras.ulisboa.pt

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Selected Publications