Simon Noriega-Olmos

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Research Group: HPhil

Simon Noriega-Olmos (PhD Princeton, 2008), FCT-Researcher, Center of Philosophy of the University of Lisbon (CFUL), History of Philosophy Group (HPhil).

My field of research is Ontology and Language in Plato and Aristotle, but I am also interested in all aspects and periods of Ancient Philosophy, as well as in contemporary Philosophy of Language and Ontology. In the area of classical studies, my interests lie in ancient grammar and the history of moral and aesthetic concepts as it is reflected in Greek and Roman Classical Literature and Rhetoric.

I am currently working on a project entitled Being and Reality in Plato’s Sophist. This research intends to articulate and assess the Ontology of Plato’s Sophist by answering two questions: What is Being according to the Eleatic Visitor in Plato’s Sophist? And what is the Eleatic Visitor’s understanding of the basic and most general principles of the things that are?


Selected Publications

Aristotle’s Psychology of Signification, a Commentary of De Interpretatione 16a3-18. De Gruyter (November 2012)

‘Apollonius Dyscolus’ Classification of Adverbs of Place in De Adverbiis 201, 1-8’, Glotta 92, 2016, pp. 209-221