Christine Reeh-Peters

Academic Degree:
Professional Category:
Filmmaker, Curator, Researcher (Philosophy of Film/Aesthetics)

Research Group: Praxis

Since WS 2019/2020 Reeh-Peters is Junior Professor for “Theory and Practice of Artistic Research in Digital Media” at the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf in Potsdam. Author / director of 10 creative documentary films and producer of approx. 20 films ( Her main research interest is the entanglement of film and philosophy – in particular regarding speculative realism and materialism, the work of Gilles Deleuze, the philosophy of Martin Heidegger as well as classical film and media theory. Current research project: „Film as artificial intelligence“.

Graduation in film directing (cinema) at the ESTC – Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema in Lisbon (2002). M.A. (2007) and PhD (2017) in Aesthetics / Philosophy of Art at the FLUL in Lisbon. The dissertation “The solaristic system” designs an ontology of film based on Martin Heidegger and Andrei Tarkovskij. Reeh-Peters lectured at the Peter Behrens School of Arts in Düsseldorf and at the University of Art and Design in Karlsruhe. She has organized two international conferences on philosophy and film in Lisbon (CFUL, 2014) and Karlsruhe ( Co-editor of the anthology “Thinking Reality and Time Through Film” (2017). A second collection on philosophy and film “The Real of Reality – Theory of Film and the Contemporary Realist Turn” is in preparation.


Selected Publications

Reeh-Peters has further published essays like „The World as Film and Dasein’s Being-In-Film“, in: philosophy@lisbon 6, Centro de Filosofia, University of Lisbon, 2018,  „Spuren des Anderen“, in: Karlheinz Bux (Ed.), Über Linie, Edition Cantz, Germany, 2018, “Essere nel Cinema” (in: »Fata Morgana – Quadrimestrale di Cinema und Visioni«, Nr. 21, Pellegrini Editore, Italy, 2013), and “O Cinema Total e o Desejo de Morte em Wagner [Total Cinema and Death-Drive in Wagner’s Total Work of Art]” (in: Carlos Joao Correia (Ed.), »Wagner. Musica e Pensamento«, Centro de Filosofia, University of Lisbon, 2014/2015).

As a producer Reeh-Peters is known for the films »E Agora? Lembra-Me« by Joaquim Pinto and »Eden’s Ark« by Marcelo Felix. Her filmography as a director includes »The Chronicles of Polyaris«, »Mother Fatima« (2009), »Kinotel« (2009) and »Waiting for Europe«.