Bruno Jacinto

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Research group: LanCog
I am presently an associate member of the LanCog research group. My research is mainly in the areas of metaphysics, logic and the philosophy of language.

I am a recent graduate of Arché, University of St Andrews. During my PhD I was very fortunate to be supervised by Stephen Read and Gabriel Uzquiano and to have Bob Stalnaker and Aaron Cotnoir as my examiners.

Before going to St Andrews I did an MSc in Logic at the the ILLCUniversity of Amsterdam.

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Selected Publications

‘Strongly Millian Second-Order Modal Logics’ Link
The Review of Symbolic Logic (2017), Online First.
‘General-Elimination Stability’ Link
(with Stephen Read)
Studia Logica (April 2017), 105(2):361-405
‘Knowing Who: How Perspectives and Contexts Interact’ Link
(with Maria Aloni)
Epistemology, Context and Formalism (2014), Ed. F. Lihoreau and M. Rebuschi
‘Possible Worlds’ Link
Online Companion to Problems of Analytic Philosophy (2013), Ed. J. Branquinho and R. Santos