António Queirós

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Research Group: Praxis

Queirós, António dos Santos, is Researcher of Environmental Philosophy and Ethics, in Lisbon University Philosophy Center, visiting the Universities of Salamanca and Sorbonne.

It’s member of Wah Ching Research Center the University of Hong Kong

It is also research of Cultural Tourism, Tourism of Nature and Sustainable Development in the University of Aveiro, Portugal.

President of Association of Museum and Science Centers of Portugal_ MC2P (ONG)

Secretary General of CCDPCh_ Chamber of Portugal-China Cooperation and Development

葡萄牙-中国合作发展 协会

His research interests include ethics, literature, higher education, international heritage and environmental projects.


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T : 00351 969279074

Academic degree. Higher education

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), 2006. Doctorate in philosophy of Sciences.  Major subjects: Nature and environmental, philosophy and literature, political philosophy and ethics. From 1997 to 2006. F. of Arts and Humanities, U. of Lisbon.

Master of Philosophy (Ph.M), 2001. Philosophy of nature and environmental philosophy. Literature and environment.  F. of Arts and Humanities, U. of Lisbon.

Master of Arts. (A.M.), 2001. Master’s degree in art theory. Fine Arts and Literature.  F. of Fine Arts, U. of Lisbon

Post-doctoral Research, 2009. Economy and Tourism.  Major subjects: Cultural Tourism and Tourism of Nature (ecotourism). Sustainable Development. Tourism Ethics. U. of Aveiro, Dep. of Economy ( U. Salamanca and U. Bordeaux)

Professional category. Researcher and professor. 1991/2015. Higher education

  1. S. of Ed. of Coimbra. Center of Philosophy of the U.Lisbon, U. Salamanca and U. Sorbonne. U. Aveiro. U. Bordeaux. Tomar Polytechnic Instit. U. Hong Kong , U. Xiamen…

Individual FCT Doctoral Grants in philosophy, 2000/2004.

Scientific projectsIndependent researcher projects: Philosophy of Action and values: ethics, political philosophy and philosophy of Environment (4). Ethics, Politics and Environment (3). Bioethics and citizenship (2). Education and training, Culture and Literature (118). Environment and sustainable development/social employment market (21).PRODER, FSE 2002/2015.

Funding: 12 million €

Researcher, Trainer and Supervising, Referee, Reviewer and Adviser

In 1989 established his own researcher group Cefop.Conimbriga (I&D) Teacher’s Professional Training. Research Groups with 150 nat. and int. prof. and researchers from all the scientific domains.

In 2004 found a second research group in the  Association of Museum and Sc. Cent. of Portugal_ ( President and CEO).

Supervision: 5017 teachers continuous training, 60 pos-graduate and stages…

FOCO/PRODEP/ FSE 2002/2015 Funding 11 million €.

FCT Scientific reviewer. Social Sciences and Humanities

Referee (and author): Philosophica Revue (U. Lisboa). Enrahonar: quaderns de filosofia. (U. A.  Barcelona). Journal of Tourism and Development.  (RT&D), U. Aveiro. Journal of Paleontological Techniques…

Adviser, China: Education Reform and Development Plan (2010-2020).

Selected Publications

12 books; 11 scientific films; 28 chapters’ books; 64 scientific papers, multimedia products.

_ Book: Handbook of Research on Promoting Global Peace and Civic Engagement through Education.

Chapter: The dawning of the Environmental Ethics and the new holistic paradigm for peace. Edited by Dr. Kshama Pandey (Dayalbagh Educational Institute,Dayalbagh,Agra,India )Prof. PratibhaUpadhyay (University of Allahabad, U.P., India) Dr.AmitJaiswal(Govt.P.G.College,Kotdwar,Uttarakhand,India Pages 242-265. 2016. Series Editor(s): Siran Mukerji (IGNOU, India) and Purnendu Tripathi (IGNOU, India). IGIGlobal. ISSN: 2326-9022. EISSN: 2326-9030


_ Conference-paper: Critique of Environmental Ethics and Moral in the 21st Century. Congress of Philosophy on the topic: THE PHILOSOPHY OF ARISTOTLE.  School of Philosophy, University of Athens, Zografou Campus, Greece World 15 July, 2016


_ Revue: International Journal of Scientific Management and Tourism.

Cultural tourism on a changing paradigm. iManagement and Tourism. Córdoba (Spain). 2015. Pages 179-215. ISSN: 2386-8570


_ Book: Confluences Of Bioethics.

Chapter: Environmental Ethics and Moral in XXI century. Pages 223-252. Published by CFCUL, BioFig, Centro de Biologia, University of Lisbon. 2014. ISBN: 984-989-8247-68-1


_ Book: Guide of the Natural and Cultural heritage of the Star Mountain , 276 pages. Publishing  CCDRC/LAC. Conimbriga. Portuguese-Spanish. 2008. ISBN 978- 972-8659-39-4

_ Film: The rendezvous with History: Old Cathedral of Coimbra, these stones speak! Supported by CCDRC. Duvídeo. Lisbon. 2002. Nr 3532/93


Editor  of 60 scientific tittles: Paiva, Jorge; Carvalho, Galopim de; Ribeiro Ferreira. J.; Bragança Gil, F.Martinez, J.M.A.; Dubal, Léo; Slikkerveer, Jan; Alarcão, Jorge; Proença da Cunha, A.;Angenot, Luc; Etienne, Robert; Galán, M.B.;Heyood,V…

Funding: 0,5 million €

CEO, director, adviser, social entrepreneurship activities, with National and International Prizes: Cinema Scientific and didactic (eco) festivals; School Festival (international) of Classical Theatre; Good practices of social inclusion awarded and Entrepreneurship to social inclusion; Cultural tourism, the best research work (and communication); Cultural Merit Award,  League of Chinese; Green Project Awards Research and Sustainable Development Finalist.