HPhil Seminar: November 23, 2023

November 23, 2023 5:00pm

The HPhil (History of Philosophy) Research Group of the Centre of Philosophy of the University of Lisbon announces the 2023/24 edition of its permanent seminar on the history of philosophy, devoted to the presentation of conferences by renowned specialists while also creating opportunities to emerging scholars, aiming to promote advanced studies in groundbreaking debates and the permanent training of its academic community.

In this session of the seminar, Gabriela Rossi (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso) will present a paper entitled “Do Emotions Have Final Causes? A Discussion of Aristotelian Practical Emotions”.

The session will take place on November 23, 2023 at 5 p.m., in the Room C201.J (Room Mattos Romão, Department of Philosophy). The entrance is free.



Some authors have suggested the idea that Aristotelian emotions have a fourfold causal structure and hence have a final cause under the form of a desired goal or of an action to which they lead. Against this reading, I argue that emotions do not have a final cause. I propose that the putative end of an emotion is in fact the end of the agent that feels the emotion and acts on it. This shift of perspective allows to better understand the practical character of Aristotelian emotions.