Workshop on Substructural Logics

September 26, 2019
LanCog Workshop on Substructural Logics


26-27 Spetember 2019

Room 5.2 (School of Arts and Humanities – University of Lisbon)



Roberto Ciuni (University of Padova, Italy) Strict-tolerant consequence on FOUR and cognate structure

Pablo Cobreros (University of Navarra, Spain; joint work with Luca Tranchini) Classical and non-classical features of Strong Kleene Logics

Bogdan Dicher (University of Lisbon, Portugal) Metainferential structures

Andreas Fjellstad (University of Bergen, Norway) Playing with bullets in substructural calculi

Ulf Hlobil (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada) Expressing validity: Towards a self-sufficient inferentialism

Tore Fjetland Øgaard (University of Bergen, Norway) Classical relevant logics

Francesco Paoli (University of Cagliari, Italy; joint work with M. Pra Baldi) Weak Kleene logics as substructural logics

Gabriele Pulcini (New University of Lisbon, Portugal; joint work with A. Varzi) Paraconsistency and substructurality in classical logic

Greg Restall, (University of Melbourne, Australia) TBA

Lucas Rosenblatt (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina) Maximal non-trivial sets of instances of your least favorite structural rule

Lorenzo Rossi (University of Salzburg, Austria; joint work with C. Nicolai) Grounded reasoning


Call for Papers (closed):

The LanCog Group of the Centre of Philosophy of the University of Lisbon invites submissions for 40-minute presentations (with an additional 20 minutes for discussion) on any aspects of substructural logics, technical or philosophical, including applications to philosophical problems. We particularly encourage submissions on non-reflexive or non-transitive logics.
Submissions, consisting of an anonymised abstract of less than 1000 words, in pdf format, should be sent by email by *7 April 2019* to Please include the title of the paper, as well as the author’s name, affiliation and contact details in the body of the email, preferably below the signature.
All submissions will be refereed and the authors will be notified of the outcome by 15 April 2019.
There is no participation fee but speakers will have to fund their own travel and accommodation.
For queries, please contact Bogdan Dicher at