Fernando M. F. Silva

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Research Group: HPhil

Brief biographical note: Fernando M. F. Silva has a Masters in German Studies by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon with a thesis on Hölderlin, and a PhD by the same institution on the first philosophical writings of Novalis. He is currently doing his Post-Doctoral program on Kant’s aesthetic-anthropological thought. His chief concerns are the relation between Philosophy and Poetry in the German culture of the last decades of the 18th century, 18th century aesthetics and anthropology and German Idealism and Romanticism. He has participated in several research projects, seminars and national and international colloquia and published studies on German thinkers of all these periods (Hölderlin, Friedrich Schlegel, Novalis, Kant, Reinhold, Fichte, Schelling). He has also translated works and texts by some of them.

E-mail address: fmfsilva@yahoo.com; frndsilva@portugalmail.pt

Selected Publications

«O conceito de génio nas Lições de Antropologia de Kant», in Revista Kriterion, Revista de Filosofia da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, vol. 57, nº 135, Brasil, pp. 677-702. ISSN 0100-512X. 2016.

“«The combined force of sensory impressions»: Kant’s view on the benefits of Poetry to Philosophy”, in Kant’s shorter writings: Critical paths outside the Critiques. Kant shorter writings, ed. Robert Hanna, Robert Louden et. al., UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 68-82. ISBN 978-1-4438-9930-7. 2016.

«As representações obscuras. Lições de Antropologia de Immanuel Kant». Apresentação e tradução de três lições de antropologia de Kant, in Con-textos Kantianos, nº4, pp. 296-304. ISSN 2386-7655. 2016.

«“O primeiro beijo”: sobre a origem da filosofia nos Fichte-Studien de Novalis», in Revista Trans/Form/Acao, revista de Filosofia da UNESP, Vol. 39, nº 2, Abr-Jun 2016, pp. 175-196, Brasil, ISSN: 0101-3173. 2015.

«Do engenho e da faculdade de julgar». Apresentação, tradução e notas de Lição de Antropologia de Kant. Antropologia Mrongovius), in Con-textos Kantianos, nº2, International Journal of Philosophy, Madrid, pp. 324-346. ISSN 2386-7655. 2015