Pedro Calafate edits Special Issue

The Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia just published this month its most recent volume, dedicated exclusively to the Iberian School for Peace, Natural Law and Human Dignity. The July issue was edited by Pedro Calafate, Full Professor at our University and Senior Researcher, and by Álvaro Balsas, SJ., Professor and Researcher at the Catholic University of Portugal (Braga).

In his latest research project De Restitutione – The Iberian School for Peace and the idea of ​​justice in the occupation of America (16th century), which began less than four years ago, Professor Pedro Calafate deepens what he had started years before with the several in-depth studies on Father António Vieira, his thought and those of other Iberian philosophers and writers, the Portuguese culture and the People of the New World, the encounters and texts that, today, are so interesting and necessary. The celebration, last December, of the seventy years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights shows the relevance of addressing the topics brought up by the Iberian School for Peace’s writings and authors.


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