IX Multilateral Kant Colloquium

September 22, 2021

IX Multilateral Kant Colloquium

Justice, Peace, and Cosmopolitan Values

University of Lisbon, Portugal, September 22-24, 2021



The Multilateral Kant Colloquia constitute a long series of international and multilingual scientific events devoted to the study of Kantian philosophy. Around these events a growing international network of Kant scholars has been formed and is expected to keep expanding itself, giving rise to new joint ventures and partnerships for research projects and collective publications.

So far eight different events have taken place since 2008 in six different countries, namely:

  • “Kant Today”, Verona and Padua, Italy, 2008
  • “What is Man? – Was ist der Mensch?”, Lisbon, Portugal, 2009
  • “Kant and Antinomical Thinking”, Mainz, Germany, 2011
  • “Kant and the Metaphors of Reason”, Tiradentes, Brazil, 2013
  • “Kant’s Short Writings – Kleine Schriften”, Madrid, Spain, 2014
  • “Kant on Violence, Revolution, and Progress”, Hempstead, NY, USA, 2016
  • “Kant and His Critics”, Halle, Germany, 2017
  • “Kant and the Contemporary World: Philosophy, Science, Politics”, Catania, Italy, 2018.