Praxis Seminar: Research Colloquium in Practical Philosophy 2023/24, Session 21

Alexander Neumann

University of Paris 8

Pegasus at the Beach. The Association of Empirical Research and Critical Concepts

21 May 2024, 17h00 (Lisbon Summer Time — GMT+1)

Sala Mattos Romão (Room C201.J – Department of Philosophy)

School of Arts and Humanities – University of Lisbon



I intend to discuss the situation of the Frankfurt Critical Theory today, one century after the foundation of the famous Institute, in 1923. In particular, I would like to examine the dialectical relationship between experiences and concepts (such as empirical research and conceptual findings) which defines the very meaning of Critical Theory. Various concepts have emerged from this process, such as : unreglemetierte Erfahrung, Kulturindustrie, Gegenöffentlichkeit (unregulated experiences, Culture Industry, the oppositional public sphere). This kind of approach – connecting experiences and concepts under the leitmotiv Arbeit am Begriff – might be resumed througout the title: “Pegasus at the beach. The association of empirical research and critical concepts”.