Praxis Seminar: Research Colloquium in Practical Philosophy 2020/21, Session 16

Martina Löw

Technical University of Berlin

Spatial Uncertainty. The Refiguration of Spaces as Today’s Challenge

18 May 2021, 18h00 (Lisbon Time — GMT+1)

Online Seminar – Via Zoom (Link here)



In this presentation, I claim that spatial construction, at both the global and urban scale, will be transformed fundamentally in the near future, insofar space is the medium in which the transformation of society is taking place. Iargue that since the 1960s we have witnessed a refiguration of social spaces, which are often experienced as uncertainty leading to conflicts and tensions in many societies. To make my case, I will describe the forms and effects of spatial refigurations, starting with the spatial transformations at the beginning of modernity and followed by radical changes in the late modern era. I will focus on the transformation of spatial structures and spatial knowledge in urban contexts, aiming to show that social uncertainty is more often than not a function of spatial uncertainty.