Michel Croce

Academic Degree:
Professional Category:
Early Career FCT Fellow

I am an Early Career FCT Fellow at LanCog (University of Lisbon), where I carry out a project titled “The Epistemic Authority of the Oppressed: Eradicating Epistemic Injustice through Education”. I have received my PhD from the University of Genoa (2016) with a dissertation on the topic of epistemic and moral authority, and held an Early Stage Marie Curie Fellowship at the University of Edinburgh (within the European Training Network DIAPHORA). My research mainly focuses on epistemology, virtue theory, and the philosophy of education.

More information about my work can be found at:

Personal Webpage: https://michelcroce.weebly.com

PhilPeople: https://philpeople.org/profiles/michel-croce

Selected Publications

1.     Objective Expertise and Functionalist ConstraintsSocial Epistemology Review & Reply Collective 8(5): 25-35. 2019.

2.     Exemplarism in Moral Education: Problems with Applicability and IndoctrinationJournal of Moral Education. Forthcoming, 2019. doi: 10.1080/03057240.2019.1579086.

3.     For A Service Conception of Epistemic Authority: A Collective ApproachSocial Epistemology 33(2): 172-182. 2019.

4.     On What It Takes to Be An ExpertThe Philosophical Quarterly. 69 (274): 1-21. 2019.

5.     Expert-oriented Abilities vs Novice-oriented Abilities: An Alternative Account of Epistemic AuthorityEpisteme 15(4): 476-498. 2018.

6.     Epistemic Paternalism and the Service Conception of Epistemic AuthorityMetaphilosophy 49(3): 305-327. 2018.

7.     Testing What’s at Stake: Defending Stakes Effect for Testimony. (with P. Poenicke). Teorema 36(3): 163-184. 2017.

8.     Educating through Exemplars: Alternative Paths to Virtue. (with M. S. Vaccarezza). Theory and Research in Education 15(1): 5-19. 2017.