Andrea Oldofredi

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FCT Researcher

Andrea Oldofredi is postdoctoral researcher for the Portuguese Ministry of Technology and Science working at the Centre of Philosophy of the University of Lisbon. Formerly, from 2017 to October 2021, he was postdoctoral fellow for the Swiss National Science Foundation at the University of Lausanne, where he obtained his PhD in philosophy of physics in 2016. Oldofredi works mostly in the philosophy of physics, with particular focus on foundational questions about quantum mechanics and quantum field theory. His research has been published in several international peer-reviewed journals such as The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, European Journal for Philosophy of Science, Synthese, Journal for General Philosophy of Science and Foundations of Physics. Oldofredi is collaborator of the project “The Metaphysics of Quantum Objects” led by Prof. Dr. Claudio Calosi at the University of Geneva, and member of the John Bell Institute.

Selected Publications