Workshop on Multipropositionalism

September 29, 2022

September 29-30th

Semantic theories have often assumed that sentences semantically express at most one proposition (relative to a context of utterance). However, it has been argued that certain phenomena are better explained by theories that reject this assumption. The Multiple Proposition View, or Multipropositionalism (MP), is the view that sentences can semantically express more than one proposition (relative to a context of utterance). MP has been been discussed or proposed to deal with problems having to do with cognitive significance (Perry 2001), semantic underdetermination (Buchanan 2010, Bowker 2019, Viebahn 2018), semantic plasticity (Dorr and Hawthorne 2014) or speech reports (Davies forthcoming, Picazo forthcoming). In other cases, MP is motivated by the semantics of certain expressions, as complex demonstratives (Dever 2001), or proper names (Corazza 2002, Delgado 2019). In all these versions of MP, an utterance can have as its semantic content more than one proposition. This phenomenon is identified as different from those cases in which in addition to a proposition semantically expressed, there are others that are pragmatically communicated, or implicated, or presupposed. The aim of the workshop is to explore Multipropositionalism and the phenomena that motivate it.

The workshop will be a two-days in presence event (circumstances permitting) and will take place at the University of Lisbon, Portugal, on the 29th and 30th of September 2022 (Room B.112C  of the library building).

Attendance is free but registration is required.


Keynote speaker:

Ray Buchanan (Texas)


Laura Delgado (Lisbon) · Esa Díaz-León (Barcelona) · Ainhoa Fernández (Basque Country) ·

Manuel García-Carpintero (Barcelona) · Peter Hanks (Minnesota)· Andreas Heise (Jean Nicod) ·

Marina Ortega (Basque Country) · Eduardo Pérez-Navarro (Granada) · Claudia Picazo (UNED) ·

Henry Schiller (Sheffield) · Arthur Sullivan (Memorial University)


Laura Delgado & Claudia Picazo


Attendance is free, but registration is required. For registration, please contact us at


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