Praxis Programme

The research conducted at Praxis is wide-ranging, oriented into both topic-specializations and cross-cutting approaches within philosophy in its practical understanding. Our seminars, reading groups and workshops are open to all members of the CFUL, PhD and Master students, as well as to scholars from our Faculty and other universities interested in participating in our activities.



Research Colloquium in Practical Philosophy (Praxis Seminar)

The Praxis Seminar — Research Colloquium in Practical Philosophy is the main research seminar of the Practical Philosophy Research Group. Meetings are held every Tuesday throughout the academic year. The Praxis Seminar hosts lectures and presentations given by local and foreign scholars especially invited to present their most recent work. It is conceived as a forum for philosophical discussion of topics with a cross-cutting perspective, promoting an enriching environment for academic exchange.

Praxis Seminar 2023/24

Praxis Seminar 2022/23

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Praxis Seminar 2019/20



Work-in-Progress Seminar (Praxis-in-Progress)

Praxis-in-Progress is conceived as a laboratory for researchers at different stages of their careers (from Master and PhD students to junior and senior researchers) who wish to present advances of their work and receive feedback. Each Praxis-in-Progress session hosts a short talk or paper presentation followed by discussion in topics considered in the broad range of practical philosophy or related study areas. Everybody is welcome!

Praxis-in-Progress 2022/23



Reading Groups

Reading groups are formed in response to specific interests of both senior researchers and/or PhD students. It is a flexible, non-fixed structure, focused around a specific subject, an author or a book along the semester. Each reading group meets regularly and organizes their meetings according to the availability of their own members and the number of works to be read.

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