April 12, 2021 11:00am


Praxis-in-Progress is a work-in-progress seminar conceived as a laboratory for Master and PhD students, as well as faculty members and researchers at different stages of their careers, who wish to present advances of their work and receive feedback. The sessions take place on Mondays from 11h00 to 12h30 (Lisbon Time — GMT+0) according to availability and host a short talk or paper presentation (around 20 minutes) followed by discussion in a relaxed and stimulating environment. We gladly welcome topics within the wide range of branches of practical philosophy broadly speaking and/or related study areas, prefereably working in theories and methodologies within the continental tradition (see our “About Praxis” section here).

Interested in participate? Write an e-mail to: Dr. Ricardo Mendoza-Canales (at







Past Sessions:


12 April 2021, 11h00-12h30 — Zoom Session

Mariana Gomes da Costa (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa) — “Notas sobre o nascimento da psiquiatria: Espaços e conceitos”


22 March 2021, 11h00-12h30 — Zoom Session

Sara Fernandes (Praxis-CFUL, Universidade de Lisboa) — “Rethinking personal identity: from the cultural roots of neuroenhancement to Peter D. Kramer’s Listening to Prozac“.


14 December 2020, 11h00-12h30 — Zoom Session

Rui Rego (Praxis-CFUL, Universidade de Lisboa) — “O problema da sorte moral: Bernard Williams e Thomas Nagel”