Vitor Dinis Pereira

Academic Degree:
Professional Category:
PhD Student

Research group: LanCog
Vitor Pereira completed his undergrad studies at the University of Lisbon, followed by a Masters at the same university on Philosophy of Mind, supervised by Prof. João Branquinho. His areas of interest include Philosophy of Language and Semantics, Metaphysics  and Foundations of Cognitive Science. He also works in Social Sciences with emphasis in Psychology; in Exact Sciences with emphasis in Computer Science and Information and in Medical Sciences.

Selected Publications

Occipital and Left Temporal EEG Correlates of Phenomenal Consciousness, 2015
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Beyond Embodiment: From Internal Representation of Action to Symbolic
Processes,  2013
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Liz Swan (ed.), Origins of Mind, 187-199, Dordrecht:
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Analogy and Pattern Recognition, 2014
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Proceedings of The 2014 International Conference
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Why Is Missing What We Need, 2011
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