Rui Prates Esteves

Academic Degree:
Professional Category:
Phd Student

Research Group: HPhil

PhD student at the Philosophy Department of the Faculty of Letters University of Lisbon, currently working on a thesis about ‘The Question of History: Heidegger and Hegel a confrontation’. Master´s degree in Philosophy with a thesis about Hegel’s Philosophy of State; Post-Graduation in Juridical Sciences; Graduation in Law. Professional experience at the Portuguese Association for Victim Support (APAV) as an intern and volunteer, and at the Family and Minors Court of Lisbon as intern. Member of an international and interdisciplinary Research Project, funded by FCT, from 2012 to 2015, called ‘Poetics of Selfhood’, developed by a team comprised by international researchers. Main interests: Philosophy of History, Metaphysics, Ontology, Idealism, Ethics.



Selected Publications

Heidegger. Understanding, Interpretation and Meaning’, in Poetics of Selfhood book, Coimbra University Press (submitted for publication)

‘Hegel and Spinoza: God, Conscience and Freedom’, in The Passion of Reason, Volume Tribute to Prof. Dr. Maria Luisa Ribeiro Ferreira, Philosophy Centre of the University of Lisbon, 2015;

‘Kant: the philosopher of duty, a thinker of law’, in Poetics of Reason, Volume Tribute to Prof. doctor Leonel Ribeiro dos Santos, Philosophy Centre of the University of Lisbon, 2013.

‘Law and movement: some notes about Hegel’s Philosophy of Law, in Democracy, Human Rights and Global Justice, Humus Publisher, Braga, 2013.