Laura Delgado

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Research Group: LanCog

I’m an FCT Junior Researcher at the Centre for Philosophy in the University of Lisbon. Before joining the University of Lisbon, I held a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Sofia. I gained my PhD from the University of Barcelona (2018) with a thesis on proper names. Before that I obtained an MA in Analytic Philosophy from the University of Barcelona (2012); a BPhil in Philosophy from the University of Oxford (2011); and a MA Honours in Philosophy from the University of St Andrews (2009).

My philosophical interests are predominantly in the areas of philosophy of language, and metaphysics, and particularly at the intersections of these (I have specific interests, for example, in existence, modality, the metaphysics of meaning, truthmaking theories, and vagueness). I have also interests in epistemology and philosophy of logic.

My non-philosophical interests include (in no particular order) tango, literature, films, painting (as an activity), crafts of all kinds, travelling and cooking.

Selected Publications

‘Between Singularity and Generality: The Semantic Life of Proper Names’. In Linguistics and Philosophy 42 (4), pp.381-417, 2019.