Katia Hay

Academic Degree:
Professional Category:
FCT Investigator
Research Group: Praxis
E-mail: khay AT letras.ulisboa.pt
Katia Hay studied philosophy and literature at the universities of Madrid (Complutense),  London (Open University), Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet) and Paris (Sorbonne, Paris-IV). She obtained a double PhD from the universities of Munich and Paris with a dissertation on Schelling and the Tragic. After teaching at Eugene Lang College in New York, she  obtained a 6 year FCT Post-doc grant at the University of Lisbon with a project on Nietzsche and the comic. During 2016 she was a researcher at LUCAS (Leiden University Centre for Arts in Society). She is now FCT Investigator at the CFUL, working on a project on Nietzsche, German Idealism and German Romanticism. Katia Hay has also taught several courses at the University of Freiburg and Leiden.

Selected Publications

As author:
– Die Notwendigkeit des Scheiterns. Das Tragische als Bestimmung der Philosophie bei Schelling (Beiträge zur Schelling-Forschung 2, Alber-Verlag: Freiburg 2012)
– “The Role of Narration and the Overcoming of the Past in Schelling’s Ages of the World”, forthcoming in: Comparative and Continental Philosophy, special issue: Schelling, 8.3, Fall 2016.
– co-author with H. Siemens: “Ridendo dicere severum: On Probity, Laughter and Self-Critique in Nietzsche’s Figure of the Free Spirit”, in: R. Bamford (ed.): Nietzsche’s Philosophy of the Free Spirit, Rowman & Littlefield International 2015, pp. 111-136
– June 2017: Updated revision for the entry (2010) on AW Schlegel for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


As editor:
– Katia Hay/ Leonel R. dos Santos (eds.): Nietzsche, German Idealism and its Critics (W. de Gruyter, 2015)
– Katia Hay/Maria Branco (eds.): Nietzsche and Kant. On Aesthetics and Anthropology (London: Bloomsbury, 2017)