Jairo José da Silva

Academic Degree:
Professional Category:
Full Professor

Research Group: Praxis

Graduate in Physics from the Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho (1974), MSc in Mathematics from the Universidade de São Paulo (1979), PhD in Philosophy (Logic and Epistemology) from the Universidade Estadual de Campinas (1990). His research is focused in Mathematics and Philosophy, Philosophy of Logic, the philosophy of Edmund Husserl, Phenomenology and Mathematical Logic.

Selected Publications


DA SILVA, J. J. . Mathematics and its Applications. A Transcendental-Idealist Perspective. 1. ed. Cham: Springer, 2017


Articles and chapters in books

DA SILVA, J. J., “Structuralism and the Applicability of Mathematics”, Axiomathes (Padova) v. 20, p. 229-253, 2010.

DA SILVA, J. J., “How Sets Came To Be”, New Yearbook for Phenomenology and Phenomenological Philosophy, v. 13, p. 84-100, 2013.

DA SILVA, J. J., “Science and the Lebenswelt – On Husserl’s Philosophy of Science”, Revista Phainomenon, v. 25, p. 83-107, 2015

DA SILVA, J. J., “Husserl and Hilbert on completeness, still”, Synthese (Dordrecht. Online), v. 193, p. 1925-1947, 2016.

DA SILVA, J. J., “Husserl and Weyl”, In: Stefania Centrone. (Org.). 1 ed. Cham: Springer, 2017, v. 1, p. 317-352.