Hugo Luzio

Academic Degree:
Professional Category:
MA Student

Research group: LanCog
I am a master’s student in philosophy at the University of Lisbon, where I have also received a bachelor’s degree in 2018, with a thesis about animalism and the bodily criterion of personal identity. I am interested in metaphysics, philosophy of logic and aesthetics. My research has been focused on the bodily criterion of personal identity and on the ontology of music. I am also a member of the Argument Clinic group, of the Nucleus for Political Studies of the University of Lisbon, and of the Portuguese Society for Analytic Philosophy. When I am not doing philosophy, I compose music and play drums in Them Flying Monkeys.


Selected Publications

2019, ‘The Ontology of Rock Music: Recordings, Performances and The Synthetic View’, Philosophy and Society, Vol. 30, 1; forthcoming.

2017, ‘Is Animalism Undermined by Conjoined Twinning Cases?’, Laterális – The University of Reading Journal of Undergraduate Philosophy, Supplementary Vol. 1, pp. 2-11.

2016, ‘A Continuidade Física Garante a Persistência Pessoal no Tempo’, Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia, Vol. 72, 2-3, pp. 699-724. Prémio de Ensaio Filosófico da Sociedade Portuguesa de Filosofia 2015.

2015, ‘Sonicismo Tímbrico e Instrumentalismo: Uma Disputa Ontológica’, Revista Philosophica, Vol. 46, pp. 135-147. Prémio Professor Doutor Joaquim Cerqueira Gonçalves 2015.

I have also published a translation of Stephen Yablo’s Paradox Without Self-Reference (1999) in the website Crítica na Rede, which can be found here.