Bruno Peixe Dias

Academic Degree:
Professional Category:
PhD Candidate / Researcher

Research Group: Praxis

Bruno Peixe Dias [email:] is a researcher at the Center of Philosophy of the University of Lisbon and a member of ETHU. He has written his master dissertation on the philosophy of politics of Alain Badiou and is currently preparing his PhD at the University of Lisbon on the subject of Natural Law in Rousseau and the Stoics. He has coordinated, together with José Neves, the book Política dos Muitos: Povo, Classe e Multidão [Politcs of the Many: People, Class and Multitude] and, together with José Gomes André and José Manuel dos Santos, the book Teorias Políticas Contemporâneas [Contemporary Political Theories].

Selected Publications

« You Can’t Get There from Here: Politics and Will in the Work of Alain Badiou», in BRITO, Vanessa (Ed.); Melville e a Filosofia: A Vontade, as Palavras e a Acção. Lisboa: Vendaval, 2013, pp. 33-53.
«Existential Truths and Challenging Acts: The Antiphilosophy of Kierkegaard According to Alain Badiou», in JUSTO, José Miranda, SOUSA, Elisabete M. de, ROSFORT, René (Coord.); Kierkegaard and the Challenges of Inifinitude: Philosophy and Literature in Dialogue, Lisboa: Centro de Filosofia da Universidade de Lisboa, 2013, pp. 151-159.
«Conflito e Unidade no Pensamento Político de Rousseau», in POMBO, Olga e MELIM, Nuno (Org.) Rousseau e as Ciências, Lisboa: CFCUL, 2013.
«Alain Badiou: Subjectividade, Acontecimento e Verdade», in André, José Gomes, Santos, José Manuel dos e Dias, Bruno Peixe (org.) Teorias Políticas Contemporâneas. Lisboa: Documenta, 2015.