André Alves Ferreira

Academic Degree:
Professional Category:
MA Student

Research group: LanCog
André Alves Ferreira started his career in Philosophy at the University of Porto and now holds a BA (Licenciatura) in Philosophy from the University of Lisbon since 2017 where he currently is a MA student. His BA final thesis had the title “Psychological Continuity: Persistence and Distribution“ is about the implications of the fission problem for a psychological continuity theory of personal identity. André is an active member of the academic and research community, being involved in projects like Argument Clinic and the Nucleus for Political Studies of the University of Lisbon (nepUL) as an invited speaker with a talk titled “Neoliberalism: The Economic Agent and Egoism”, as well as the Workshop of Analytic Philosophy. His talks include events such as the LV Congreso de Filosofía Joven at Murcia University, the 32nd European Conference on Philosophy of Medicine and Health Care of the European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and Health Care (ESPMH), the 10th Beyond Humanism Conference at the University of Lower Silesia and the 2018 Ian Ramsey Centre Summer Conference at University of Oxford.

His main research focus is centered in Philosophical Ethics, more specifically in Personal Identity and Practical Ethics, additionally he has interest in Metaphysics and the persistence of objects and persons. At the moment he’s working on the topic of psychological continuity and the practical implication of these thesis.

Selected Publications