Carlos Benito-Monsalvo

Academic Degree:
Professional Category:
Post-Doc Researcher

Research group: LanCog

I obtained my degree in Philosophy at the University of Basque Country (2016) and my Master in Analytic Philosophy at the University of Barcelona (2017). Then, I joined Logos Research Group (University of Barcelona) and did my PhD Thesis (2023) under the supervision of José Martínez and Elia Zardini. Now, I hold a postdoctoral position at the Centre of Philosophy of the University of Lisbon, within the project ‘New Perspectives on the Objects and Grounds of Structural Rules’.

I work mainly on philosophical logic and philosophy of logic. More specifically, I’ve been working on developing methods for combining logics in order to attempt a solution to the main challenges raised against logical localism.

On another note, I’m always psyched for mountaineering and sport climbing.

Selected Publications

Benito-Monsalvo, C., 2022, ‘Local Applications of Logics via Model-Theoretic Interpretations’, Logic and Logical Philosophy. Online: 1–22. DOI: 10.12775/LLP.2022.023