Arvid Båve

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I am a philosopher of language, working on the side as a metaphysician. My main interest lies in developing a dispositionalist-inferentialist account of concepts and Fregean, structured propositions. I began writing my dissertation and several papers on deflationism about truth, but also worked early on within pragmatics, both to deal with puzzles about names in attitude-contexts and to account for the interpretation of truth-ascriptions to non-propositions. There have been some intermittent excursions into meta-ethics (where I have presented an expressivist-friendly compositional semantics), metametaphysics (arguing against Sider on vagueness in quantifiers and presenting an improvement of Carnap’s and Thomassons’s versions of ontological deflationism), and, most recently, I have argued that logical validity ought to be identified with mere truth-conduciveness, i.e., as permitting exceptions (largely following, but also deviating on certain details from, Thomas Hofweber’s view).


Selected Publications

Pre-publications pdf’s of my works can be found here.)

(forthc.) “Correctness Conditions for Property Nominalists”, forthcoming in Synthese (published online, open access:

(forthc.) “Features and Bugs in Schnieder’s Theory of Properties”, forthcoming in Erkenntnis (published online, open access:

(forthc.) “Validity as Truth-Conduciveness”, forthcoming in Truth 20/20, edited by Drew Johnson and Adam Podlaskowski, Synthese Library book series, Springer.

(forthc.) “Easy Ontology Made Easier”, forthcoming in Deflationist Conceptions of Abstract Objects, edited by Xavier de Donato-Rodríguez, José L. Falguera, and Concha Martínez-Vidal, Synthese Library book series, Springer.

(forthc.)   “Problems with Russellian Act-Type Theories”, forthcoming in Inquiry (special issue on act-type theories of propositions).

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