The 2024 LanCog Summer Metaphysics Workshop – Theme: Time

July 1, 2024



The 2024 LanCog Summer Metaphysics Workshop will be an intensive, three day workshop on the topic of the metaphysics of time, broadly construed, and will feature leading scholars from around the world. Attendance is open to all who are interested, but anyone who is planning to attend should register for the workshop through the link below, so that the organizers can plan accordingly.




July 1st

9:30-10:00 Coffee, tea, snacks

10:00-11:30  Alison Fernandes (University of Dublin), “Two Projects on the Direction of Time” (Giacomo Andreoletti (University of Salzburg), commentator)

11:45-13:15  Stephan Torre (University of Aberdeen), “Future-Directed Counterfactuals, Practical Reasoning, and the Open Future” (Francisca Silva (University of Saint Andrews), commentator)

14:45-16:15  Ted Sider (Rutgers University), “Accept No Substitutes: Against Best-System Theories Without Naturalness” (Erica Shumener (Syracuse University), commentator)

16:30-18:00  Rebecca Chan (San José State University), “Enduring Emotions and the (Im)Possibility of Forgiveness” (Donatella Donati (Università degli Studi dell’Aquila), commentator)


July 2nd

9:30-10:00 Coffee, tea, snacks

10:00-11:30  Hugo Ferreira Luzio (University of Lisbon), “Is the Growing Block Theory Undermined by the Epistemic Objection?” (Fabrice Correia (University of Geneva), commentator)

11:45-13:15 David Friedell (Union College), “Easy Arguments about Time Machines and Oracles” (Aderonke Ajiboro (Obafemi Awolowo University), commentator)

14:45-16:15 Gabrielle Kerbel (University of Michigan), “Reintroducing Absolute Simultaneity?” (Andrea Oldofredi (University of Lisbon), commentator)

16:30-18:00  Jill North (Rutgers University), “Perspicuous Representation in Physics” (David Builes (Princeton University), commentator)


July 3rd

9:30-10:00 Coffee, tea, snacks

10:00-11:30  Robert Michels (University of Lisbon), “Dynamic Essence” (Elton Marques (Catholic University of Portugal), commentator)
11:45-13:15  Amy Seymour (Fordham University), “Intrinsically You?” (Ricardo Santos (University of Lisbon), commentator)

14:45-16:15 Mark Balaguer (California State University, Los Angeles), “Presentism Without Time, Without Temporal Passage, and Without the A-Theory” (Kristie Miller (University of Sydney), commentator)

16:30-18:00  Hannah Kim (University of Arizona), “How Fictional Events can be Past, Present, or Future” (Natalja Deng (Yonsei University), commentator)




Organizer: Ned Markosian (UMass Amherst, LanCog)
Assistant Organizer: Hugo Luzio (LanCog, CFUL)


To register for the workshop, click here.


For any information or further queries about the workshop, please contact the organizer at the following email address: