Special Session on Artificial Intelligent Systems in Emergency Contexts: The Covid-19 Case

September 28, 2020 10:00am
The Covid-19 Case
Chair: Raja Chatila
(Sorbonne University)
Sessão virtual no âmbito da International Conference on Robot Ethics and Standards- ICRES 2020.
Date: 28th September 2020 | 10:00- 11:30 CET

The outburst of the Covid-19 pandemic, first in China and South Korea, with its fast spreading to Europe and to the rest of the world, has urged governments to provide quick solutions to control the epidemics and to minimize and overcome its impacts on public health, economy and society. Some of the most effective solutions  involve the increased adoption of advanced digital technologies, data analytics and AI techniques in  multiple aspects of the COVID-19 crisis response, namely:

  • Scenario analysis for evaluating disease progression, economic downturn and recovery.
  • Decision-making on site openings, contingency planning, demand sensing, supply chain disruptions and workforce planning.
  • Understanding the virus and accelerating medical research on drugs and treatments
  • Detecting and diagnosing the virus, and predicting its evolution
  • Assisting in preventing or slowing the virus’ spread through surveillance and contact tracing.
  • Monitoring the recovery and improving early warning tools.

This Special Session will

  • address the role played by AI and robotic systems, during the pandemics,
  • discuss the sensible issues relative to collecting, analyzing and sharing of personal data that are user-derived from mobile device records such as geolocalization or collected from mobile applications; as well as that relative to biometrics,
  • attempt to envisage the way to go in the roles assigned to AI systems in what concerns the definition of trustworthy Public Health policies capable of predicting, preventing, controlling and curing infecto-contageous diseases while respecting fundamental human rights.


Arlindo de Oliveira – Instituto Superior Técnico. University of Lisbon

Amit Kumar Pandey – Hanson Robotics

Bruno Siciliano – University of Naples Federico II

Maria Isabel Aldinhas Ferreira – University of Lisbon

Mário Jorge Santos MD – Former President of the Portuguese Association of Public Health

Miguel Castro Neves – NOVA Information Management School, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Naho Kitano – Co-founder HiBot Corp and Executive Officer, GovTech Venture, Asukoe Partners Inc.

Roland de Bruin – University of Utrecht & Attorney-at-law at KienhuisHoving N.V.

Seungbin Moon –  Sejong University, Seoul, South Korea


Session Organiser

Maria Isabel Aldinhas Ferreira
Centre of Philosophy of the University of Lisbon and Institute for Systems and Robotics/IST
University of Lisbon. Lisbon. Portugal