Seminar Series in Analytic Philosophy 2021/2022

February 18, 2022

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Previous Sessions:


Session 15 17 December 2021
Unconscious Mental Imagery Requires Unconscious Mental Qualities
Sam Coleman (Hertfordshire)


Session 14 09/10 December 2021
Workshop on conceptual engineering
org. Delia Belleri and Mirela Fus


Session 13 03 December 2021
‘Actually, Scratch That’: A Tour into the Illocutionary Fabric of Retraction
Laura Caponetto (Milan)


Session 12 26 November 2021
Awareness of Universals
Alex Grzankowski (Birkbeck)


Session 11 19 November 2021
Scientific Fictional Properties and Their Explanatory Power
Vera Matarese (Bern)


Session 10 12 November 2021
Harmful habits: Responsibility for implicitly biased behaviour
Josefa Toribio (Logos)


Session 9 05 November 2021
Linguistic Intentions
Indrek Reiland (Vienna)


Session 8 29 October 2021
When reality is confusing: Distinguishing confused perceptions from imagination
Ophelia Deroy (LMU)


Session 7 22 October 2021
Implicit knowledge: expanding the bounds of agency
Arnon Cahen (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)


Session 6 14/15 October 2021
Workshop “New Mechanism, Reduction and Emergence in Physics, Chemistry and Biology”
org. David Yates (LanCog, University of Lisbon)


Session 5 08 October 2021
A Priori and A Posteriori: The Case of Proof
Timothy Williamson (Oxford)


Session 4 08 October 2021
First Steps in the Philosophy of Paradoxicality
Elia Zardini (LanCog and UCM)


Disputatio’s 25th anniversary 07 October 2021
Degrees of Freedom: Is Good Philosophy Bad Science?
Timothy Williamson (Oxford)


Session 3 01 October 2021
Ontological Disputes, Reference and the Limits of Charity
Delia Belleri (LanCog, University of Lisbon)


Session 2 29/30 September 2021
Workshop on “Concrete inter-subjectivity: Ontological, ethical, political and linguistic inquiries regarding interaction”.
org. Hili Razinsky (LanCog, University of Lisbon)


Session 1 24 September 2021
Are functions properties?
José Mestre (St Andrews/Stirling and LanCog)



Upcoming Sessions:


Session 16 18 February 2021

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