Seminar Series in Analytic Philosophy 2020-21

December 18, 2020

Session 12 18 December 2020
The Expression of Hate in Hate Speech
Teresa Marques (University of Barcelona)


Session 11 11 December 2020
The Logic of Polyreference
Laura Delgado (LanCog, University of Lisbon)


Session 10 4 December 2020
Knowledge, Luck and Individualised Evidence
Dario Mortini (Cogito, University of Glasgow)


Session 9 27 November 2020
On the Optimality of Vagueness
Paul Egré (Institute Jean Nicod and École Normale Supériore)


Session 8 20 November 2020
Natural Kinds, Mind-Independence, and Unification Principles
Tuomas Tahko (University of Bristol)


Session 7 13 November 2020
The Fundamentality of Fundamental Powers
Joaquim Giannotti (University of Birmingham)


Session 6 6 November 2020
Grounding the Future (and the Future of Grounding)
Roberto Loss (University of Hamburg)


Session 5 30 October 2020
Against the Pretense View of Fiction
Manuel García-Carpintero (University of Barcelona / LOGOS / LanCog)


Session 4 23 October 2020
Musical Contagion and the Metaphorical Mind: What Music Teaches Us About Emotion
Federico Lauria (LanCog, University of Lisbon)


Session 3 16 October 2020
What is Moving Right Now?
Elton Marques (LanCog, University of Lisbon)


Session 2 9 October 2020
Knowledge-first account of group knowledge
Domingos Faria (LanCog, University of Lisbon)


Session 1 25 September 2020
Why Sensory Consciousness Can’t be Essentially Representational
David Papineau (KCL/CUNY)