Companion to Analytic Philosophy 2

Principal Investigator:

Pedro Galvão

Funding Institution: FCT (PTDC/FER-FIL/28442/2017)
Date: 2018-2021


The aim of the present project (henceforth Companion II) is to continue the publication of the volume titled Compêndio em Linha de Problemas de Filosofia Analítica [Online Companion to Problems of Analytic Philosophy] (henceforth Companion) with the following two central purposes:


(1) Producing articles on problems of Theoretical Philosophy that were not covered in PTDC/FILFIL/121209/2010, the project that started the production of the volume;

(2) Extending to the territory of Practical Philosophy the domains previously covered by the Companion, having particularly in mind the following fields: Ethics (including Metaethics, Normative Ethics and Applied Ethics), Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Action and Aesthetics.


The focus is again on philosophical problems: theories and arguments are introduced only to the extent that they arise from the need to address and solve them. For each of the above-mentioned domains, we will pick out a set of problems determined by their salience in current philosophical discussion. Each article is intended to be a state of the art, original and opinionated essay dealing with one of these problems as follows: it identifies, formulates and characterizes the problem according to the present state of its discussion; it introduces the main views and supporting arguments currently available about the problem; and it critically examines the pros and cons of each of these views and arguments.


The Companion is currently being published and made available for free on the Internet. The online edition is dynamic, i.e. the material can be continuously updated. The intended level of exposition is advanced, i.e. designed for experts and researchers. The volume will therefore be invaluably useful to hundreds of graduate students at departments of Philosophy and related disciplines in Universities in Portugal, Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries. it will also be highly useful to teachers at these departments.

Research Team

Practical Philosophy Subgroup
Pedro Galvão (PI), António Lopes, Cátia Faria, Diogo Santos, João Cardoso Rosas, José Gomes André, José Gusmão Rodrigues, Luís Veríssimo, Paula Mateus, Raimundo Henriques, Ricardo Miguel, Rui Sampaio da Silva, [Doutorado Contratado].

Theoretical  Philosophy Subgroup
Ricardo Santos (co-PI), João Branquinho, Manuel García-Carpintero, Elia Zardini, Bruno Jacinto, David Yates, Domingos Faria, Eduardo Castro, Elton Marques, Guido Imaguire, José Mestre, Luís Estevinha Rodrigues, Marco Ruffino, Adriana Graça, Fernando Furtado, Diogo Fernandes (BI Mestre).