Open Topics in Philosophy of Physics

June 12, 2023


The Centre of Philosophy of the University of Lisbon organizes a three-day international conference in philosophy of physics. The conference will discuss a variety of open topics in the foundations, philosophy and metaphysics of physics, with a special focus on quantum mechanics, philosophy of space-time and statistical mechanics.

The conference aims to gather philosophers with different specializations and perspectives on current topics in philosophy of physics in order to promote a collaborative, constructive and original discussion.




Monday – June 12

09:30-10:00 Introduction


Session 1 – Chair: D. Romano

10:00-11:00 Craig Callender (San Diego): The prodigy that time forgot: the incredible and untold story of John von Newton

11:00-12:00 David Yates (Lisbon): Pendulum clocks and the Past Hypothesis

12:00:12:30 coffee break


Session 2 – Chair: A. Oldofredi

contributed talks:

12:30-13:00 Paulo Castro (Lisbon): The wave-memory interpretation of quantum mechanics: an attempt to unify pilot-wave theory and standard quantum mechanics formalism

13:00-13:30 Cristian Mariani (Lugano): Fundamental indeterminacy in GRW

13:30-15:00 lunch


Session 3 – Chair: M. Hubert

15:00-16:00 Giovanni Valente (Politecnico di Milano): Taking up statistical thermodynamics: equilibrium fluctuations and irreversibility

contributed talks:

16:00-16:30 Dominic Ryder (LSE): Directed temporal asymmetry from scale invariant dynamics: is the problem of time’s arrow solved?

16:30-17:00 Mariana Seabra (Lisbon): Data-driven physics: mirroring or shaping the world?

17:00-17:30 coffee break


Session 4 – Chair: H. Luzio

contributed talks:

17:30-18:00 Jacopo Giraldo (Lisbon) & Giulia Schettino (CNR Florence/Pisa): A discussion on how to approach GR’s competing formulations


Monday evening: conference dinner


Tuesday – June 13


Session 1 – Chair: M. Seabra

9.30-10.30 Alastair Wilson (Birmingham): Quantum interventions

10:30-11:30 Patricia Palacios (Salzburg): Reduction, emergence and phase transitions

11:30-11:45 coffee break


Session 2 – Chair: D. Romano

11:45–12:45 Mario Hubert (American University in Cairo): The self-interaction problem as the measurement problem of classical electrodynamics

12.45-14:00 lunch

Tuesday afternoon: free time

(visiting Lisbon)


Wednesday – June 14


Session 1 – Chair: A. Oldofredi

10:00-11:00 Elena Castellani (Florence) & Emilia Margoni (Florence/Geneva): Universality and model transfer

11:00-12:00 Bryan Roberts (LSE): Why black holes are really hot

12:00-12:30 coffee break


Session 2 – Chair: D. Romano

contributed talks:

12:30-13:00 João Cordovil (Lisbon): Towards an emergentist interpretation of quantum mechanics

13:00-13:30 Amaia Corral-Villate (University of the Basque Country): On the emergence of virtual particles in classical mechanics

13:30-15:00 lunch


Session 3 – Chair: D. Yates

15:00-16:00 Andrea Oldofredi (Lisbon): Orthodox or dissident? The evolution of David Bohm’s reflections on scientific realism in the 1950s

contributed talks:

16:00-16:30 José Croca (Lisbon): Complex relational physics, non-linear quantum physics and eurythmic physics

16:30-17:00 Cristian Lopez (Lausanne): A defense of symmetry deflationism: Humean symmetries

17:00-17:30 coffee break



CFUL – Centre of Philosophy

Anfiteatro III

School of Arts and Humanities

University of Lisbon

Alameda da Universidade, 1600-214

Lisbon – Portugal

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For any information or further queries about the conference, please contact the organizer (Davide Romano) at the following email address: