Rita Vasconcellos Oliveira

Academic Degree:
Professional Category:

Research Group: Praxis

Ph.D. in Educational Sciences, area of Educational Philosophy by Open University, Lisbon (2013).
MSc in Microbiology and Genetics by the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon University (2004).
MSc in Biology and Geology by the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon University (2001).

Rita Vasconcellos d’Oliveira is a researcher in the Applied Ethics programme for the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology. In the past, she has conducted research and worked on several projects on Sustainability and Health Education. Her present research areas include Climate Change and Sustainability Ethics. Currently, She is working on (Intergenerational) Justice in sustainability contexts in collaboration with Louvain Catholique University.

Email: rita.bouman@ntnu.no

Selected Publications

Oliveira, Rita Vasconcellos; Thorseth, May (2016)  Ethical implications of a co-benefits rationale within climate change mitigation strategy. Etikk i Prasis- Nordic Journal of Aplied Ethics (in printing).

Oliveira, Rita Vasconcellos; Thorseth, May; Brattebø, Helge (2016) Who is to Blame for the Footprint: The Producer, the Consumer or the Scientist? The role of Water and Land Footprints within Environmental Justice Context. 2016 Annual ISEE Conference “Environmental Ethics and Economics: Values & Choices”; 2016-06-29 – 2016-07-02 NTNU.

Oliveira, Rita Vasconcellos; Bouman, Evert; Brattebø, Helge. (2015) The influence of the personal value frame in LCA. ISIE biennial conference . International Society for Industrial Ecology; Guildford. 2015-07-06 – 2015-07-10.

Oliveira, Rita Vasconcellos; Carson, Siri Granum; Thorseth, May. (2015) Co-benefits Approach in CSR:Different Strategies with a common goal of sustainability. ReBus Worshop . Haas Business School from University of California, Berkeley; Berkeley, California. 2015-11-30 – 2015-12-01.

Oliveira, Rita Vasconcellos. (2013) Introducing environmental education in science classes through a multidisciplinary perspective. The learning teacher magazine.

Oliveira, Rita Vasconcellos. (2011) A função educativa dos Biocativeiros como Factor modelador da Consciência Bioética. 2011.