Igor Caldeira

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Research Group: Praxis

Born in 1982, Igor Caldeira (igorccaldeira@gmail.com) holds a Bachelor degree in Political Sciences and International Relations, a Post-Graduate degree in Management and Public Finances and a Master in Philosophy, specialized in Ethics and Politics. He has research activity in the fields of business ethics and political and legal theory and professional experience in management and finances.

Selected Publications

– Tackling Regional disparities through growth – collective book coordinator, Brussels: ELF.

– Towards a Democratic Confederation. Rebuilding the Union on a Radically Parliamentarian Basis – article, in AAVV, Redrafting Europe, Brussels: LYMEC.

– Uma Ética para as Empresas – in Becket, Pires, Fernandes & Antunes (coord) Ética: Teoria e Prática, CFUL.

– Nozick versus Hayek: Why Nozick is wrong and a Libertarian State should dare to do more in philosophy@LISBON, 2, 67-89, Lisbon: CFUL.