Ana Tété Garcia

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Research Group: Praxis
European Union Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law (IMPEL, Portuguese Coordinator and Vice-Chair.
Environmental Enginneer (1995), with a specialization in Quality Enginneer (1999).

PhD, in Environmental Sciences, Lisbon University, integrated on the Doctoral Programme on Climate Change and Sustainable Development (2014).

Senior Inspector from IGAMAOT – General Inspection for Agriculture, Sea, Environment and Spatial Planning, Portugal, on industrial areas, waste, wastewater, Industrial Emissions Directive, Industrial Accidents, nature conservation and spatial planning.

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Selected Publications

PhD Theses “Environmental Public Policies in Portugal: Legislative and Institutional and implementation dynamics”, 2013,

Garcia, A.T., “The implementation of public policies for the environment – case study on the quality of water for human consumption”. Análise Social, 211, xlix (2.º), pp. 310-343,