Ana Cristina Alves

Academic Degree:
PhD in Philosophy of Culture, Religion and History
Professional Category:
Superior Technician of Macao Scientific and Cultural Centre, Ministry of Education and Freelancer

Research Group: Praxis

Ana Cristina Ferreira de Almeida Rodrigues Alves was born in Mozambique in 1963

She obtained a PhD degree in Philosophy of Culture, Religion and History in 2005. Her PhD dissertation, entitled A Mulher na China (The Woman in China), was published by Tagide in 2007.

She spent more than twenty years studying Chinese Language and Culture and has several works published in this field, including tales and myths regarding Chinese Culture, many philosophical essays also concerning Chinese Culture and Chinese/ Portuguese pedagogic material.

She worked in China for long time. She was Visiting Assistant Professor at Macao Polytechnic Institute and at University of Macau University where she taught Portuguese in the Portuguese Department and in the Master of Arts in Translation, Chinese/Portuguese Translation, and Portuguese and Philosophy of Law in the Faculty of Law.

In 2015 she obtained a Long Term Licence, from Lisbon Macao Scientific and Cultural Centre, Ministry of Education. She is working in cooperation with The Lisbon University, teaching courses of Portuguese Foreign Language at Institute of Culture and Portuguese Language at Faculty of Letters. In the first and second semesters of 2015, she taught Chinese Culture and Chinese/ Portuguese Translation at Lisbon Confucius Institute. In the first semester of 20016/2017, she organized a course on Chinese Philosophical Etymologies. In the Second semester, taught Portuguese and Educational Training to Chinese Teachers of Confucius Institute in Lisbon ; Portugal through Media at Advanced Portuguese Course at Culture and Portuguese Language Centre, as well as Courses of Philosophical Culture at Centre of Philosophy of Faculty of Letters and Arts, such as: Chinese Wisdom and Comparative Studies, Chinese Ancient Philosophy in nowadays Studies. At Present she is teaching Chinese Animal Symbolism at Centre of Philosophy, Portugal through Media, Chinese to small children and Portuguese Foreign Language and also making Chinese/Portuguese translation.


Selected Publications


Alves, Ana Cristina (trad.) Deng Xiao Jiong (鄧曉炯). 2014. Almas Transviadas. Translated from Chinese to Portuguese.


Coordination of Translations

Mateus, Isabel Maria Fidalgo. 2014 Contos do Portugal Rural 葡萄牙鄉村故事 (Tales from Portuguese Countryside).Translation of Chinese/Portuguese Master’s Programme, Department of Portuguese, University of Macao.

Mateus, Isabel Maria Fidalgo. 2015 O Trigo dos Pardais 《麻雀的麥粒》(Sparrows Wheat). Translation of Chinese/Portuguese Master’s Programme, Department of Portuguese, University of Macao



Wang Suoying and Alves, Cristina Ana (2000): Contos da Terra do Dragão (Tales from Dragon Land), Lisbon, Editorial Caminho at Lisbon. The work was re-edited two times more in 2006 and 2007 and is in the list of books advised by Portuguese Ministry of Education related to the field East/China. (p. 125)

Alves, Ana Cristina (2005): A Sabedoria Chinesa (Chinese Wisdom), Lisbon, Casa das Letras/Diário de Notícias, Lisbon (p. 213 )


Articles and Revisions

Alves, Ana Cristina (1996): Revision of Gramática da Língua Portuguesa (Portuguese language grammar) to Chinese Students of Wang Suoying and Lu Yanbin, Macau, Instituto Português do Oriente (Portuguese Oriental Institute)(p.453)

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Short Stories

Alves, Ana Cristina. 2009. «A Conselheira do Rio» (The Adviser by the River), in Luso-Brazilian Anthology Um Rio de Contos (A River of Tales), Coord. Celina Veiga de Oliveira and Victor Oliveira Martins, Lisboa, Tágide.



Alves, Ana Cristina (2004): Uma Viagem de muitos Quilómetros começa por um Passo (A Long Journey Starts with a Single Step ),Macau, Cod  Editions with the support of Fundação Jorge Álvares (Jorge Álvares Foundation); (p. 281)

________ (2007): A Mulher na China (Woman in China), Lisboa, Editorial Tágide. (p. 185) (PhD abridgement)


Dictionaries and Teaching Material

Alves, Ana. Chao Wai Hao, Li Jian.2002. Encontros em Macau (Meetings in Macao), Macau: Instituto Politécnico de Macau

Alves, Ana Cristina (2010) Dicionário Chinês-Português/Português – Chinês (Dictionary Chinese-Portuguese/ Portuguese-Chinese). Revision de Ao Sio Heng (区少卿) (p.529)

_________________2016 Culturas em Diálogo. A Tradução Chinês-Português (Cultures in Dialogue. Chinese-Portuguese Translation). Macau: Macau University