Professor Carlos João Correia is travelling to Brazil this August where he is going to attend the 12th International Whitehead Conference. Process as Creativity-Process as Concern. This Conference on the 20th century English philosopher and mathematician is going to be held at the University of Brasília on 27-30 August.

Carlos João Correia is giving the talk “Whitehead and Locke”, part of the Conference’s Section “Whitehead and Continental Philosophy”.

Professor Adriana Veríssimo Serrão is one of the lecturers of the Summer School on Philosophy of Landscape Pensamiento y Paisaje (8-10 July 2019), organized by the National Distance Education University.


The summer school will be held in Ávila, Spain, where Professor Adriana Serrão is giving the talk «Paisagem, uma categoria em transição» [Landscape, a category in transition] and partaking at a roundtable on the 10th of July.


For more information on the summer school, please follow the link.

The latest issue of Phainomenon is now available (entirely in Open Access)!


This issue on Philosophy and Psychopathology: phenomenological perspectives was organized by Elisabeta Basso and gathers several contributions resulting from a conference on the matter.


From the Editor’s Introduction:

«Over the last twenty years, we have been witnessing in the international context the emergence of what is presented as a “new research domain” within the philosophical field, the so – called “philosophy of psychiatry”. In order to define this new domain, the Anglo – American authors, in particular, go back to Karl Jaspers’ Allgemeine Psychopathologie and his attempt, at the beginning of the 20th century, to refound psychopathology on the basis of the phenomenological method. Indeed, according to this view, “philosophy of psychiatry” would come to exist together with an appeal to phenomenology, in order to provide psychiatry with a systematic method for investigating the psychopathological phenomena. Now, in fact, the perspectives labelling themselves as “phenomenological” in psychopathology are quite heterogeneous, and it is necessary to study them thoroughly, from both an epistemological and historical point of view, if we actually want to understand and benefit from them at present.».

The Community/Parish of Campo de Ourique (Lisbon) and the publisher Edições Colibri are paying a tribute to Professor Fernando Belo, former Professor at Philosophy Department of the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon and  Researcher at CFUL.

The event will be held on saturday, February 16th at 4 p.m at Biblioteca/Espaço Cultural Cinema Europa (Lisbon).

For more information about the event, please follow the link.

O Núcleo de Estudos Simmelianos da Universidade de Lisboa, associado ao grupo PRAXIS do Centro de Filosofia da Universidade de Lisboa, pretende dar a conhecer e debater o pensamento do filósofo Georg Simmel através de sessões de estudo e conferências.

Estas sessões serão quinzenais, estando divididas em duas modalidades: uma de estudo e troca de ideias e outra em modo de seminário público ( onde serão convidados especialistas na área).

Para mais informações contactar:

NES_UL cartaz  - cópia

5-9-2106, 18:00

FLUL – Room 5.2


A Suspensão Teleológica da Ética e o Livre-Arbítrio em Kierkegaard

Prof. Márcio Gimenes de Paula

University of Brasília


Project Experimentation & Dissidence