4th workshop Experimentation & Dissidence 11-12 october 2018

October 11, 2018 12:00am

Workshop 4 – E&D

Auditório do Museu/Colecção Berardo, CCB

  1. Philosophy and the Arts
  2. Philosophy, Gender and Sexual Difference


Day 1 – Philosophy and the Arts – 11th of October 2018

Morning session

10.00-10.10 – Presentation of the event

10.10-10.55 – Fernando Silva, CFUL, “‘For its knowledge, as for its action, Man needs an infinite progression’. Hölderlin and the concept of the ideal of knowledge”

Respondent: Teresa Cadete, CEC

10.55-11.40 – Adriana Serrão, CFUL, “From aesthetics to philosophy of art: Georg Simmel as a reader of Kant”

Respondent:  Maribel Mendes Sobreira, CFUL; NES_UL

11.40-11.55 – Coffee Break

11.55-12.40 – Maribel Mendes Sobreira, CFUL; NES_UL, “The relation between Architecture and Philosophy in the ‘tragedy of the culture’”

Respondent: Gabriela Salhe, FRAME Colectivo

12.40-13.25 – José Miranda Justo, CFUL, “Did DADA fail its objectives? A reaction against some argumentations with no historical perspective, and an appraisal of the Dadaist contributions for a philosophical approach to heterogeneity”

Respondent: Sofia Nunes, IHA – FCSH/UNL


13.25-14.25 – Lunch


Afternoon session

14.25-15.10 – Carlos João Correia, CFUL, “Calliope’s sisters. Richard L. Anderson and the nature of the art work”

Respondent: Lavínia Pereira, CFUL

15.10-15.55 – Bartholomew Ryan, IFILNOVA, “Machines and ‘empty oceanic thought’: Fernando Pessoa’s philosophy of the self”

Respondent: Jonardon Ganeri, New York University – Abu Dhabi

15.55-16.40 – Vera San Payo Lemos, CET, “How to know more about mankind with music, theatre and other arts. On Brecht’s learning plays”

Respondent: Gerd Hammer, CEC

16.40-16.55 – Coffee Break

16.55-17.40 – Christine Reeh, CFUL, “Machine thinking and thinking machines – Considerations on film as artificial intelligence”

Respondent: Vasco Marques, CFUL

17.40-18.25 – Ana Pais, CET, “The audience, one hundred years after”

Respondent: Francesca Rayner, ILCH – University of Minho


Day 2 – Philosophy, Gender and Sexual Difference– 12th of October 2018

Morning session

10.00-10.45 – Maria Luísa Ribeiro Ferreira, CFUL, “Feminism, women rights and group rights”

Respondent: Elisabete Sousa, CFUL

10.45-11.30 – Dagmar von Hoff, University of Mainz, “The Politics of Trauma. Literary Visions”

Respondent: Conceição Pereira, University of Newcastle

11.30-11.45 – Coffee Break

11.45-12.30 – Elisabete Sousa, CFUL, “Wollstonecraft, an enlightened reader”

Respondent: Ana Patrícia Rodrigues, CEAUL – ULICES

12.30-13.15 – Alison Assiter, University of the West of England, “On Vulnerability”

Respondent: Maria Luísa Ribeiro Ferreira, CFUL


13.15-14.15 – Lunch


Afternoon session

14.15-15.00 – María José Binetti, CONICET Buenos Aires, “About a new Realism of the sexual Difference”

Respondent: Carlos João Correia, CFUL

15.00-15.45 – Diana V. Almeida, CEAUL – ULICES, “Can gendered creativity in the visual arts be politically subversive?”

Respondent: Marta Soares, CEAUL – ULICES

15.45-16.00 – Coffee Break

16.00-16.45 – Pablo Pérez Navarro, CES/UC, “Biopolitics of public (dis)order”

Respondent:  María José Binetti, CONICET Buenos Aires

16.45-17.30 – Sofia Roque, CFUL, “On emancipation as a practice of dissension”

Respondent: José Miranda Justo, CFUL

17.30-17.40 – Final words


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