Teresa Marques

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Research Fellow

Research group: LanCog
I am a researcher with the LOGOS group at the University of Barcelona. Between 2014 and 2016, I was a Marie Curie Research Fellow with the Law & Philosophy group of the University Pompeu Fabra.  I am also a collaborator of the LanCog  group in the  Philosophy Centre of the University of Lisbon. In the past, I have held appointments at the Universities of Lisbon, of Barcelona, and of Maryland – University College Europe. I received my PhD in Philosophy from the Univerity of Stirling. I also studied at the Universities of Lisbon, where I received a BA, and St. Andrews, where I received an MLitt (in the St. Andrews-Stirling postgraduate programme).

I specialize in philosophy of language,  and have interests in metaphysics, metaethics, feminist philosophy, and philosophy of law. I have published on the ambiguity of negation, bivalence and paradoxes, singular reference and object-dependent thoughts, relativism, disagreement, the content vs. force/mode distinction, aesthetic predicates, expressivism, and value dispositionalism. My recent work focuses on the nature of practical disagreements and conflicts, retraction, epistemic and deontic modals, pejoratives, and on social categories and social construction.
I am co-editor of the open-access journal Disputatio.

email contact: teresamatosferreira [@] ub.edu

webpage: http://www.ub.edu/grc_logos/teresa-marques

Selected Publications


2017 Can metalinguistic negotiations and “conceptual ethics” rescue legal positivism? In Alessandro Capone & Francesca Poggi (eds.), Pragmatics and Law: Practical and Theoretical Perspectives. Springer. pp. 223-241
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2016 The Relevance of Causal Social Construction. Journal of Social Ontology: doi: 10.1515/jso-2016-0018.

2015 Disagreeing in Context. Frontiers in Psychology 6 (257). doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2015.00257.

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2014 Disagreements. Erkenntnis 79 (1):1-10. 2014. doi:  10.1007/s10670-013-9442-7. Co-authored by Daniel Cohnitz & Teresa Marques.

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2014 Disagreement About Taste: Commonality Presuppositions and Coordination. Australasian Journal of Philosophy 92 (4), pp: 701-723. doi: 10.1080/00048402.2014.922592. Co-authored by Teresa Marques & Manuel García-Carpintero.