Domingos Faria

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Research group: LanCog
Domingos Faria finished his studies for a PhD at Universidade de Lisboa with a thesis entitled “Is belief in God appropriately basic? Defense of a moderate inferentialism”. His primary areas of research are epistemology and philosophy of religion. He is also interessed in Philosophy of Logic, Metaphysics, and Teaching of Philosophy.
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Selected Publications

  • Faria, Domingos (2016) “Is There Room for Justified Beliefs without Evidence? A Critical Assessment of Epistemic Evidentialism”. In Logos & Episteme: an International Journal of Epistemology, VII, 2, pp. 137-152.
  • Faria, Domingos (2016) “Mackie vs Plantinga on the warrant of theistic belief without arguments”. In Scientia et Fides, 4, pp. 77-100.