Seminar Series in Analytic Philosophy 2019-20

September 20, 2019

Session 13 20 December 2019
Phenomenal Roles
Simone Gozzano (University of L’Aquila)

Past sessions

Session 12 13 December 2019
Adventures in the Metaphysics of Quantities: A Third Way Between Comparativism and Absolutism?
Johanna Wolff (King’s College London)

Session 11 6 December 2019
Grounding vs. Causation
Sam Baron (University of Western Australia)

Session 10 4 December 2019
Unification and Mathematical Explanation
Sam Baron (University of Western Australia)

Session 9 29 November 2019
Anscombe’s ‘Retractation’: A Reconsideration of Ramsey and the Tractatus
Peter Sullivan (University of Stirling)

Session 8 22 November 2019
Whence the Paralysis?
José Manuel Mestre (LanCog & University of Stirling)

Session 7 15 November 2019
Open Knowledge of One’s Inexact Knowledge
Elia Zardini (Complutense University of Madrid)

Session 6 15 November 2019
Metaphysical Structure
Mark Jago (University of Nottingham)

Session 5 8 November 2019
Normative Judgments, Motivation and Evolution
Jussi Suikkanen (University of Birmingham)

Session 4 25 October 2019
Reconsidering Linguistic Communication
Hili Razinsky (LanCog)

Session 3 11 October 2019
Second Thoughts on Pollock’s Notion of a Defeater
Tommaso Piazza (University of Pavia & LanCog)

Session 2 4 October 2019
Situated Approach to Emotions and Emotional Depth
Dina Mendonça (IFILNOVA – New University of Lisbon)

Session 1 20 September 2019
On Knowing What Something Is: Towards an Account of Concept Attributions
André J. Abath (Federal University of Minas Gerais)