National Meeting In Analytic Philosophy (ENFA): 13-15 september

September 13, 2018

The Portuguese Society for Analytic Philosophy was created in September 2004 with the aim of promoting philosophy as practised in the analytic tradition and of contributing to tighten the links between the Portuguese analytic community and the international philosophical community.

One Workshop in Analytic Philosophy is organized every year, and once every three years the National Meeting in Analytic Philosophy takes place.

The SPFA is a member of the European Society for Analytic Philosophy.

The National Meeting in Analytic Philosophy is the main activity promoted by the Portuguese Society for Analytic Philosophy.

The next meeting, ENFA7, will take place in the School of Arts and Humanities (Faculdade de Letras), in the University of Lisbon, on 13-15 September 2018. The announcement and call for abstracts is here.