HPhil Seminar: 14 June

June 14, 2019 12:00pm

The History of Philosophy Research Group is organizing the next session of its Permanent Seminar.


Next session:

εὐβίο in Aristotle’s Historia Animalium Book Nine: In Defense of “Living Well”

Chelsea C. Harry (Southern Connecticut State University)

14 June 2019 | 12:00 | Room Mattos Romão (Department of Philosophy, School of Arts and Humanities – University of Lisbon)


Abstract: In this talk I will explore the possibility that there is a concept of “living well” in Aristotle’s biology. In particular, I will discuss the meaning of εὐβίο and its cognates in Aristotle’s Historia Animalium (HA) book nine (book eight in transmissions prior to Theodore Gaza’s 15th century translation). Examining the context of the term in Aristotle’s zoology and proposing that it is being used as a sort of analogue to the term εὐδαιμονία in Aristotle’s ethical treatises, I will argue that εὐβίο has been mistranslated historically as generally “feeding well,” possibly owing to Gaza’s reading of the difficult Greek and his interpretation of the context. Following David Balme’s suggestion in his Loeb critical edition of the HA, that εὐβίοτος seems to mean more than feeding well, I will defend Balme’s rendering “living well,” and thus conclude that the term could be one of the ways Aristotle does talk about living well for non-human animals.