Colóquio Marx: as misérias da filosofia

November 28, 2017

28-29 November 2017

University of Lisbon

Faculdade de Letras, Room: 5.2


Keynote Speakers:

António Feijó

(University of Lisbon)

José Barata-Moura

(University of Lisbon)








Call for Abstracts

The Colóquio Marx: as misérias da filosofia is a two day conference with the goal of creating a stimulating environment for the discussion of Karl Marx’s theory and its relevance for the analysis of contemporary practices in philosophy, the humanities, the sciences and the arts. The colloquium celebrates the 170th birthday of the publication of Misère de la Philosophie (The Poverty of Philosophy), but is not restricted to this topic. Rather, insofar as they concern some aspect of Marx’s thinking, all kinds of contributions are welcomed, both within philosophy (ranging from Marxist studies to pragmatism, analytic philosophy, existentialism, phenomenology or any other area, tradition or school of thought) and within political theory, literature and art criticism, and the like. The following topics are indicative, but not restrictive:


  • Architecture, Aesthetics, Economics, Literature, Politics, Religion, etc.
  • The Poverty of Philosophy (1847), Capital (1867), etc.
  • Alienation, Dialectics, Materialism, State, Revolution(s), Transition, etc.


Submission Guidelines:


  • Abstracts must not exceed 400 words, written in English or Portuguese, and must include 3 to 5 keywords.
  • Submissions should be sent by e-mail to with the subject “Submissão – Colóquio Marx: as misérias da filosofia” (copy/paste recommended). The e-mail body must include the author’s name and affiliation. Abstracts should be attached in a Word-compatible format (preferably .docx) with no further reference to their author.
  • All abstracts will be sent to a Scientific Commission for blind review.


Deadline for submissions: 15 September 2017

Acceptance/rejection notification: 31 October 2017


At a later date, speakers will be invited to provide a final version of their paper for publication. This is not mandatory and guidelines will be communicated to those interested.


Scientific Comission: Catarina Casanova (ISCSP); Gil Santos (CFCUL); João Luís Lisboa (FCSH); Miguel Tamen (FLUL); Sávio Cavalcante (IFCH – Unicamp);Viriato Soromenho Marques (FLUL).

Organizing Committee: Alexandre Estradas (FLUL); Guilherme Riscali (FLUL); João Tomé (CFUL-HPhil); Paulo Antunes (CFUL-Praxis, nepUL); Raimundo Henriques (CFUL-LanCog); Sofia Sousa (FLUL).


Sponsors: FCT, FLUL, CFUL (Grupo Praxis).